Realizing that in order for new practices in contemporary art emerge and to make an impact on society it is necessary to develop a different discourse and way of thinking about art, we decided to establish a journal for contemporary art criticism and theory. Šum became a biannual journal and platform for organizing various projects, seminars, discussions and lectures that has touched upon problems related to working conditions in contemporary art, the role of cultural actors of the younger generation, self-organization, autonomy and the relation of autonomous groups to their host (mostly public) institutions.

Besides being active on this content-level of production, Šum also became an experiment in forming alternative financial and organizational support strategies, and establishing the necessary conditions for production of critical thought in contemporary art. One such strategy is a co-production network of partner institutions (public and NGOs).

Current editors: Izidor Barši, Robert Bobnič, Kaja Kraner, Voranc Kumar, Tjaša Pogačar, Andrej Škufca