Šum #9

ŠUM#9 PDF   ŠUM#9 EXIT OR DIE: On autism and neurodivergence as an exit from neuronormativity; on Laruelle’s exit from philosophy; xeno-buddhism as an exit strategy; capitalism, death and holy war; becoming-corpse choreography of dying body in video-games; on photography and death; hacking the art scene; on emotions and capitalism…. + exclusive interview with Scott R. Bakker, the author of the amazing Three Pound Brain blog, about his theory of […]

Sum #8

ŠUM#8 PDF   Šum #8 The eighth issue of Šum Journal does not follow a strict thematic line, although some common issues do repeatedly occur. It starts with the translation of the Xenofeminist manifesto (Laboria Cuboniks), which advocates politics for alienation, treating alienation as a tool for freedom construction, followed by ‘What to Do With Our Uteruses?’ (Pia Brezavšček), that explores the foundations of feminism through the subject of ectogenesis […]

Šum #7

PDF_ŠUM7 ŠUM #7 – Move 37 In the second game of the historic match, played by the Korean professional Go champion Lee Sedol and the computer program AlfaGo, the software made an unexpected and incomprehensible winning move that puzzled the human co-player and the public: “This is not a human move. I’ve never seen a human play this move. So beautiful. So beautiful.” The seventh issue of Šum Journal sets […]

Šum #6

PDF_Šum6 ŠUM#6: ART ⇆ CRITIQUE The first part of the issue focuses on criticism in the field of art, more specifically on the crisis of art criticism, which has appeared as one of the central themes in the local space especially in the last decade. On the one hand, published texts in this part explore the conditions of the possibility of art criticism, on the other, they focus on the […]

Šum #5

PDF (double) PDF (single) ŠUM #5 – Meltdown: Middle Europe: Accelerationism The fifth issue of Šum Journal comes with two translations: a contamination of the local culture-sphere with ‘Meltdown’ of Nick Land (translation: Marko Bauer) and the text of Hamid de Oliveira ‘The Pied Piper of Hamelin’ translated by Andrej Tomažin. Furthermore, a manifesto against vaporwave ‘Antivejvporvejv Manifejsto’ as written by Hydrogen Element Remainder and a text by Nejc Slukan, who tries to locate […]

Šum #4

PDF_šum4 Šum #4, THEORY – PRACTICE This time we did not want to affirm the local mantra which never forgets to remind us of the lack of critically and theoretically aspired writing about contemporary art. First of all, because this mantra often forgets that these practices have also something to do with the conditions of (in)visibility or the problem of exclusivity of existing platforms and institutions that are supposed to […]

Šum #3

(slo) PDF (double) PDF (single) To je tretja številka revije Šum. Je tudi prva z uvodnikom. V vsaki izmed prvih dveh številk smo objavili štiri besedila, pri čemer nismo sledili nobeni tematski rdeči liniji, nobenemu trendu ali pritisku aktualnosti. Edini kriterij objave je bila splošna usmeritev revije, namreč analitična in teoretska narava besedil o sodobni umetnosti. To samo po sebi seveda še vedno ne zagotavlja kvalitete teoretske produkcije – na […]

Šum #2

(slo) PDF (double) PDF (single)   ŠUM, revija za kritiko sodobne umetnosti št. 2, junij 2014 ISSN tiskane izdaje: 2335-4232 ISSN spletne izdaje: 2536-2194 * Avtorji besedil:Jovita Pristovšek, Kaja Kraner, Chantal Mouffe in Jernej Kaluža Uredništvo: Pia Brezavšček, Tjaša P. Pogačar, Izidor Barši, Andrej Škufca Lektura: Miha Šuštar Prevod: Miha Šuštar in Tjaša Pogačar Oblikovanje: Ajdin Bašić Tisk: Demat, d. o. o., Ljubljana Naklada: 300 izvodov Izdajatelj: Društvo Galerija Boks, Marije Hvaličeve […]

Šum #1

(slo) PDF   ŠUM, revija za kritiko sodobne umetnosti št.1, 2013 ISSN 2335-4232 * Avtorji besedil: Izidor Barši, Pia Brezavšček, Katja Čičigoj, Jovita Pristovšek Uredništvo: Izidor Barši, Pia Brezavšček, Tjaša Pogačar, Andrej Škufca Lektura: Miha Šuštar Tisk: Demat, d. o. o., Ljubljana Naklada: 400 izvodov Izdajatelj: Društvo Galerija Boks, Marije Hvaličeve 14, 1000 Ljubljana * Izšlo v okviru projekta »Mladi na stičišču med umetnostjo in družbo«, ki ga je podprl program Mladi […]