Šum #4 | Kaja Kraner | Teorija-praksa – umetnost: izseki materialističnih analiz umetnosti in diskurzivna arhitektonika

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In this article I will attempt to rethink different approaches of emplacement and its material effects within the line reading–writing–discourse and theoretical practice and its relation towards art. For this reason I will use segments of materialistic analyses of »discourses that accompany art« to expose some of their fundamental characteristics and then compare them with certain materialistic approaches to analysis of art. I will then draw the comparison from the concepts of aesthetic effect and aesthetic process, which will, based on preceding emphases, serve to outline the so‑called architectonics of discourse.

As a reflection on the relation between theory and practice inevitably implies the processes of hierarchisation, which are displaced from the »discoursive materiality« to be placed into and intertwined with the »social materiality«, the last part will present an attempt to bind the compared subjects by reflecting upon a segment from the »theoretical field«, in which I participate myself, and in particular to sketch (by once again using the concept of architectonics of discourse) a third approach to the practice of reading and writing that pertains to art to some degree or another, at which point I will be interested foremost in the position and function of art itself.

Through reading and analysing certain practices of reading–writing that can be placed in the context of feminist methodology (in its broader sense) I will try to conclude by simultaneously delineating specific methodological characteristics of the so‑called »solid«, »weak« and »wounded« discourse/theoretical practices.


Keywords: art theory, theory and practice, reading and writing, discipline, discourse, materialistic discourse analysis.

UDK 7.01: 111.852




After graduating from sculpture studies at the Academy of fine arts and design, Kaja Kraner enrolled in post‑graduate studies of culturology at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She is active both as a critic and a theoretician of contemporary art and participates in the collective Neteorit. In her doctoral studies, she is currently exploring the notion of geopolitics of art.