ŠUM#11: Hypersonic Hyperstitions

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Published in conjunction with the exhibition Here we go again…SYSTEM317 by Marko Peljhan at Pavilion of Slovenia, Venice Biennale.

Texts by: Luciana Parisi, Miroslav Griško, Manabrata Guha, Primož Krašovec, Peter Watts, Andrej Tomažin, Reza Negarestani, Edmund Berger & Kevin Rogan

Edited by Marko Bauer and Andrej Škufca. Co-edited by Miroslav Griško, Tjaša Pogačar and Andrej Tomažin.

Designed by: Juan Manuel Escalante. Design production editor: Mina Fina.

Published by Društvo Galerija Boks and co-published with with MG+MSUM and Projekt Atol.

Launch: 8 May 2019 / Pavilion of Slovenia / Venice Biennale