ŠUM’s discussion: OVER YOU/YOU, 31st Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana

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27. 11. 2015, International Centre of Graphic Arts Ljubljana (MGLC)

Introduction: Uroš Prah, Domen Ograjenšek in Tjaša Pogačar.

The debate focused on the specific discourse that Biennial opened with its title “Over You/You” . The discussion questioned the function of the “subjects” selected for the biennial by the curator Nicola Lees. These subjects reflected also in the exhibited works carry poetic definitions such as  Water/Over You,  Versions of /You, In Sicness/In Health, Shifting /Scenes, Making /The Cut.

Taking into account the specific history of the Biennial we discussed how do this subjects function as “categories” or “concepts” in the context of this exhibition, how do they  effect the articulation of the exhibition concept, what kind of approach to the exhibited works and what kind of thought on contemporary art they suggest?


The event was organized by ŠUM in collaboration with MGLC.